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Extdiff Bazaar Plugin

This is simple plugin for calling external diff tools.

By default, bazaar provide --diff option to call external diff command, but it does not work propery in my environment. so, i write this plugin.

It might be a obsolete plugin. I recommend to use qdiff, if you use Unicode Text only.


extdiff plugin calls external diff tools such as WinMergeU.exe. BZR_EXTDIFF_DIFFPROG environment variable must be set.

usage in cmd.exe is:

set BZR_EXTDIFF_DIFFPROG=c:\apps\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe
bzr extdiff foo.txt

bzr extdiff --revision 2 foo.txt

--revision RevisionNumber is the revision number of the document to compare. Without revision number, the current document version and the last committed are compared.


you can branch from:

bzr branch

then set BZR_EXTDIFF_DIFFPROG, environment variable. now, you can use bzr extdiff commands from command line prompt.


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